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Young worker crushed by wall in Limassol

Syrian national in critical condition after retaining wall failure during tile installation


A young man is in critical condition after he was crushed by a retaining wall during a tile floor installation at a Limassol residence.

According to police, a 22-year-old Syrian national was installing a tile floor at a residence in a local village in Limassol district on Wednesday morning.

The young labourer, described as a lawful resident of Cyprus, was installing tiles next to a retaining wall under construction around 8:30am, when the concrete block suddenly collapsed and fell on top of him.

Police said the worker sustained serious head injuries and was taken to a private health clinic in Limassol, where doctors said he suffered a head trauma as well as wounds extending to both sides of his chest under his ribs.

The man’s condition was said to be critical while the local police station in Lania is investigating the incident.

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