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First female chief officer of the British Bases

Clare Simpson looks forward to the challenge

Source: CNA

Clare Simpson is the first woman to assume the position of chief officer at the British Bases in Cyprus.

According to a BB statement, Ms. Simpson stated that she is looking forward to embracing Cypriot culture and working closely with the Presidents of the communities owned by the British Bases.

Clare Simpson, who replaced Mike Smith in September, becomes the highest-ranking British civil servant to be appointed to the administration and describes her new position as "a very unusual role for a Department of Defense civil servant".

Having spent the last few weeks getting to know her team and some of the leaders of the community councils in the BB area, Ms Simpson expressed her satisfaction for the co-operation she found.

Referring to her new role and the challenges ahead in the coming months and specifically the implementation of "Civilian Development", she said that this will allow Cypriots to develop real estate for residential and commercial purposes and is a very big change for the Administration. .

"I am really happy to be a member of the team that is responsible for ensuring that we do the right thing," she added.



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