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Flying taxis in London from 2025

Vertical take-off and landing electric vehicles are considered quieter, cleaner and cheaper than helicopters

Heathrow Airport in London plans to set up a flying taxi center by 2025, in partnership with startup Vertical Aerospace Group.

As announced the 25th of October, the airport will investigate how the Vertical electric aircraft can be integrated into its operations, in cooperation with the authorities.

Vertical has accepted pre-orders for 1,350 of its electric flying cars, which can carry four passengers and one pilot. Among its customers is Virgin Atlantic Airways.

Vertical take-off and landing electric vehicles, which are considered quieter, cleaner and cheaper than helicopters, will be tested in the near future in London, Tokyo and Sao Paulo.

Emerging companies see an opportunity to create a new transportation market that will carry passengers between cities, using airports as a base. However, there are serious barriers to security and surveillance, as well as serious concerns from communities.

Vertical aims to make the first test flight of the VA-X4 in 2022, with mass production starting in 2024. with information from Bloomberg


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