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Los Angeles: Psychic sued for failing to remove curse

Claimant seeks compensation in the amount of 21,500 Euros

Newsroom / CNA

An American man has filed a lawsuit against a psychic who promised him that she could remove a curse on his marriage put there by a witch hired by his ex-partner.

Mauro Restrepo claims that the psychic, who he found on the internet, promised him that he would be happy again if he paid her about 4,400 Euros.

But after he paid her a deposit of 860 euros, the man from Los Angeles did not see any improvement in his marriage and suffered from insomnia, anxiety and distress, according to the lawsuit.

He is seeking compensation for fraud in the amount of 21,500 Euros.

According to Mr. Restrepo, he turned to the services of Sophia Adams, who described herself as a "psychic, erotic expert" and "PhD Personal Development Consultant", to help him improve his personal life during a difficult period.

Ms. Adams reportedly told Mr Restrepo that if the curse did not go away, both he and his family would be "unhappy and in danger".

Ms. Adams, along with her daughter, husband and owners of the home they rent, are listed in the court documents and are being accused of negligence, conspiracy and intentional and unintentional provocation of mental anguish.

During the hearing, Mr. Restrepo stated that Ms. Adams read his tarot cards and told him that he had "mala suerte", which is Spanish for "bad luck".

It is not clear whether the psychic had predicted that Mr. Restrepo would face legal drama.

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