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576 cases of domestic violence investigated in the past year

235 people arrested in Paphos

Source: CNA

According to Pafos Assistant Police Director Michael Ioannou, 576 cases have been investigated since the Violence in the Family Unit of the Pafos Crime Detection Department began operations on 15.2.21 until yesterday, 22.2.23.

Ioannou told CNA News that 545 people have been charged in the above cases, with 235 arrested.

All cases were registered with the Paphos District Court, and exclusion or removal orders were issued in 79 cases.

He also stated that restraining orders were issued in 145 other cases.

Mr. Ioannou also stated that three warrants were issued against three people who were expected to be arrested and their cases investigated.

Furthermore, Mr. Ioannou stated that the unit receives complaints in the form of correspondence from various departments and/or government agencies. He stated that police coordination is of utmost importance, with special emphasis placed on collaboration with social welfare services and hospitals for the treatment of victims.

Finally, he stated that if crimes are not reported, perpetrators are encouraged to repeat the offenses.

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