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Cyprus and Greece FMs discuss ways of dealing with Turkey

Christodoulides announced that on July 14, the President of the Republic of Cyprus will visit Greece to hold discussions with the Greek government

Newsroom / CNA

Cyprus Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides paid an official visit to Greece on Friday to meet with his Greek counterpart Nikos Dendias.

The two Foreign Ministers discussed Turkey’s activities in the Eastern Mediterranean and ways of dealing with the unfolding situation at a European level.

Developments as regards the Cyprus problem, as well as alliances in the Eastern Mediterranean, were also on the agenda of the meeting.

In joint statements after the meeting, Christodoulides underlined that Greece and Cyprus have long raised concerns that the policy of appeasement employed dealing with Turkey will ultimately lead to an unprecedented escalation of its revisionist stance.

Christodoulides stressed that the current period is extremely crucial while underlining that the forthcoming EU Foreign Affairs Council will represent a new beginning for defining the European Union’s approach towards Turkey.

Christodoulides added that he had a very productive discussion with his Greek counterpart on the coordination of the two countries’ diplomatic action and on the Cyprus problem.

“The current situation as regards the Cyprus problem is not acceptable for us”, Christodoulides said, reiterating that the Greek Cypriot side is ready for negotiations to resume.

Finally, Christodoulides announced that on July 14, the President of the Republic of Cyprus will visit Greece to hold discussions with the Greek government.

On his part, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias stressed that Greece and Cyprus remain focused on the implementation of international law and UN Resolutions, underlining that Greece is determined to protect its rights against Turkey’s actions.

“Ιf Turkey believes that it could turn Greece into an island of a Turkish lake, it is making a big error”, Dendias said.

“Turkey remains deaf and continues its provocative actions”, he added.

Dendias underlined that the prospect of Turkey proceeding with planned drillings would have unpredictable consequences.

Dendias referred to the forthcoming Foreign Affairs Council as an extremely important meeting, in the context of which Greece and Cyprus will address the issue of the repeated violation of their sovereign rights.

He also expressed the hope that Turkey will acknowledge that its future is based on international law and relies on its relations with the European family, and not on gunboat policy.

The Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs also stressed that the Cyprus problem constitutes a very important national issue for the Greek government, which is ready for the resumption of negotiations and for a solution without occupation troops and third-party guarantees.

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