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Cyprus government approves 24-hour care facilities for disabled adults

The initiative, supported by the Recovery and Resilience Plan, focuses on enhancing support and integration for persons with disabilities

Newsroom / CNA

The Council of Ministers has given its nod to a proposal by the Ministry of Social Welfare, paving the way for the acquisition of five buildings designated for 24-hour care facilities for adults with disabilities. Deputy Minister Marilena Evangelou made this announcement following the Council of Ministers' meeting on Tuesday.

This initiative is a crucial component of the recovery and resilience plan currently in motion. The buildings, which will serve as care facilities, will be constructed by COAG, with two located in Kokkinotrimithia and three in Polemidia. The acquisition will be managed by the Department of Social Integration of Persons with Disabilities.

Deputy Minister Evangelou emphasized the goal of establishing smaller care structures to minimize the institutionalization of individuals with disabilities. The aim is to provide high-quality services that foster their integration into society.

This decision aligns with the broader policy framework for individuals with disabilities, seeking to bolster existing 24-hour care facilities and create supportive living environments characterized by safety and quality. It also addresses the concerns of parents regarding the future of their adult children with disabilities.

Regarding the timeline for construction, Deputy Minister Evangelou disclosed that COAG has been awarded the construction contract, and the facilities are expected to be completed before the conclusion of the recovery and resilience plan, which is scheduled for June 2026.


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