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Cyprus slightly above EU average on women scientists and engineers

The EU currently hosts almost 15 million scientists and engineers

Newsroom / CNA

In 2018, of almost 15 million scientists and engineers in the EU, 59% were men and 41% women, according to figures released by Eurostat, ahead of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, celebrated on 11 February. Cyprus ranks close to the EU average with 42%, followed by Romania (41%), France (40%), and Greece, the Czech Republic and Slovakia (all 39%). 

Men were particularly overrepresented in manufacturing (79% of scientists and engineers in manufacturing were male), while the gender ratio in the services sector was more balanced (54% male and 46% female).

However, in four EU Member States, the majority of scientists and engineers were women: Lithuania (57% female), Bulgaria and Latvia (both 52%) and Denmark (51%). Less than one third of scientists and engineers were women Finland (29%), Hungary (30%), Luxembourg (31%) and Germany (33%).

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