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Electricity grid capacity to be increased as temperatures soar

Currently, electricity demand is still lower than last summer

Source: CNA

Despite high temperatures, ongoing electricity demand remains lower than the one observed last summer, the grid's capacity is, however, expected to increase next week, to be able to respond to higher demand, according to Vrahimis Koutsoloukas, a spokesperson of the Cyprus Transfer System Administrator (CTSA).

Koutsoloukas told CNA that the demand in the current week ranged between 1030-1055 MW. 1055 MW was the highest demand in this summer season, recorded on July 19. This, he said, is significantly lower than the highest demand recorded last summer on 5 August 2021, at 1239 MW.

“Consecutive days with extreme weather conditions usually lead to the highest demand,” said the spokesperson, noting that this happens either in August or September. “We will respond to increased demand unless there is a failure in the system”, he added and said that extra units, that are currently being repaired, will be added next week to cover higher demand.

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