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Estranged husband denies killing wife

Witness says Paphos murder suspect sought help to flee Cyprus after 'honor killing'


The suspect in Monday's Paphos murder was remanded in custody for eight days on Friday, with local reports saying he had confessed to a group of fellow Syrian men that he killed his wife to restore honour.

According to local media, 42-year-old Hussein Farouh from Syria was ordered by a Paphos district judge to remain in custody for the maximum of eight days as police investigate the murder of his wife, 31-year-old Ghada Al Nouri also from Syria.

Ghada was stabbed to death Monday early morning in her own home in Paphos. Her husband quickly emerged as the main suspect and was apprehended days later in Limassol. Reports said he had shaved his hair and beard prior to the arrest.

Local media reported that police had been tipped off about Farouh’s whereabouts and proceeded to raid an establishment which ten other Syrian males had been using as a residence.

Farouh maintains his innocence, while reports say witnesses say the suspect said over the weekend he wanted to kill his wife to restore honour

Additional reports on Friday said the men had refused Farouh’s requests for assistance in trying to leave Cyprus. The same reports also alleged that the main suspect had confided in his fellow men that he had killed his wife to restore honour.

Farouh maintained his innocence during his arrest and throughout the remand hearing, while some local media said police investigators have obtained a witness statement saying the suspect said over the weekend he wanted to kill his wife.

Farouh, who was under a restraining order at the time of the murder, was accused of attacking his wife after going into a jealous rage, stabbing her with a kitchen knife before taking off with three of their children who were at home at the time of the assault.

Ghada, who had a total of seven children together with the suspect, had sought help from state authorities and was recognized as a victim of domestic violence. Her husband had been detained on domestic violence and abuse charges but made bail while he had to report to authorities on a frequent basis.

The victim had travelled to Cyprus in 2018 in a boat from Lebanon, with five of her children while leaving the other two behind in Syria, in order to join her husband on the island. She later sought help from state authorities but was unable to move to a safe house due to logistical concerns over her five children.

Police are planning to prosecute Farouh on premeditated murder charges, which would automatically carry a life sentence if convicted.

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