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Health Minister expresses hope as easing of covid measures begin today

The new measures will now allow unvaccinated individuals to enter entertainment establishments

Source: CNA

Relaxed covid measures announced last week are in effect as of today, Monday the 21st of February.  The Health Minister, Michalis Hadjipantelas, announced last Friday new measures to facilitate a return to normalcy, meanwhile, the addition of extra measures such as the rapid testing of children once a week for ages 4 and above is scheduled to begin this week.

Today the Minister expressed hope that today's first step towards the easing of measures will continue on in the near future.  He called on citizens to continue to adhere to the measures and protocols.

The new, more relaxed, measures include lifting the entry ban for unvaccinated individuals for restaurants, nightclubs, stadiums, theaters, cinemas, weddings, christenings and hotels or tourist accommodations.  However, a 24-hour rapid test will still be required.

Individuals who have received their full course of covid vaccinations and those who have recovered from covid will still need to present their safe pass.

The new measures also include the increase of the maximum number of persons to 250 (from 200) in restaurants, nightclubs, music and dance halls, weddings and christenings provided all health protocols followed.  In addition, each table at these establishments can now hold 12 people instead of 8.

With regards to private/home gatherings, a maximum number of 20 people will be allowed (the number does not count children up to 12 years of age.  However, the total number of all persons must not exceed 30 (including under 12s).

From today, 21 February, children aged 4 and above who attend kindergarten and pre-elementary schools will have to undergo a weekly rapid test.

Furthermore, the "test to stay" program at primary and secondary schools will be extended. 

Additionally, teleworking percentage in companies will be reduced from 50% to 25%. Those who test positive or are close contacts of a positive case will self-isolate and work from home.

Also, from 21 February 2022, workers in daycare facilities for vulnerable groups, transitional shelters for homeless people, day centers and child protection facilities, will be required to present either a negative laboratory test (PCR) of 72 hours, or a negative rapid test of 24 hours, or a valid completed vaccination certificate, or a valid certificate of recovery from COVID-19.

The capacity at stadiums has been increased to 70% and in cinemas and theaters to 75%.

Finally, all non-emergency surgeries will resume as of 28 February.

The new measures will be in effect until the 14th of March at 23:59 PM.

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