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Health Minister warns of 24% increase in cancer cases by 2035

Cyprus grapples with rising cancer rates as Minister Popi Kanari calls for urgent comprehensive action

Source: CNA

According to the Cancer Registry in Cyprus, we have about 4,000 new cases of cancer a year and "if no decisive action is taken immediately, cancer cases are expected to increase by 24% by 2035, making it the leading cause of death in the EU", said the Minister of Health, Popi Kanari, in her address at the First Oncology Forum held on Saturday by the Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre.

She said that the Ministry of Health, following the Europe's Beating Cancer Plan and taking seriously into account the long-standing recommendations of the European Commission, is making an effort to better tackle cancer , the Minister noted and referred to the programmes and actions implemented by the Ministry.

In particular, Kanari referred to the population breast screening programme for women which has been extended to cover the ages 45-74 years, the promotion of the implementation of the population programme for the detection of colorectal cancer in people aged 50-74 years and the promotion of the implementation of the population programme for prostate cancer and the inclusion of the vaccine against human papillomavirus - HPV in children aged 11-12 years.

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