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Increase in covid measures not ruled out just yet

Health Minister does not rule out more measures to contain COVID-19

Source: CNA

Our primary aim is for schools to remain open and children to suffer the least inconvenience, Minister of Health Michalis Hadjipantela said on Sunday, adding that, if necessary, more measures will be taken to contain the spread of coronavirus.

During his remarks in Paralimni in the Famagusta district, Hadjipantela said that in the last week we had witnessed the highest number of cases. However, in the last two to three days, the number of cases and hospitalizations stabilized and he expressed hope that this will continue and there will be a gradual decrease in the next days or weeks.

The Minister urged the public to wear masks indoors, adding “we have witnessed in the last few days that wearing masks indoors reduces the number of new cases. My advice to people is to wear a mask, keep their distance and if they have COVID-19 symptoms, take a rapid test.

Asked if more measures could be taken, Hadjipantela said this depends on the experts. After last week’s decision, we will wait and see what the situation will be like in the next few days. If there is an increase in the number of cases, then discussions will begin again with the experts in order to decide upon which measures to implement.

Regarding the opening of schools in September, Hadjipantela said they already decided to examine the possibility of installing ventilation systems in schools. Our primary goal is for schools to remain open and for children to suffer the least inconvenience, he noted.

When asked if children will start wearing masks again in September, the Minister urged all to show patience until we know the situation in September because, with COVID, one cannot predict the situation until the time comes.

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