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President's commitment to empower justice in Cyprus

Establishment of court of appeal to transform Cyprus' judiciary

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The existence of an independent, strong, and efficient judicial system is the greatest guarantor of the rule of law and the supremacy of the Law, Cyprus President Nikos Christodoulides said on Thursday, while addressing an event at the Supreme Court on the occasion of the implementation of the justice reform laws and the swearing in of the judges of the newly established Court of Appeal.

The operation of the Supreme Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court, and the Court of Appeal, are a milestone in the administration of justice and mark the beginning of a new trajectory, President Christodoulides said at the event, which was attended by the President of the Parliament, Annita Demetriou, former President of the Republic, Nicos Anastasiades, the Minister of Justice, the Attorney General, and the Deputy Attorney General. Also present were the former Ministers of Justice, Stephie Dracos, Emily Yiolitis, and Ionas Nicolaou, Members of Parliament and the President of the Cyprus Bar Association.

President Christodoulides expressed the certainty that they will perform their duties in a way that preserves the strict observance of the Constitution and democratic procedures.

President Christodoulides referred to the years of efforts, discussions, and consultations that took place, that led to this point. He thanked all those who contributed to this goal, noting that, “it was a decisive, important reform of the previous Government.”

He expressed the conviction, that Justice in Cyprus, “despite the general indignation of society towards institutions”, which he said, was something that should be of concern for everyone, “enjoys the trust of the people”, noting that, to this, contributed “the great appreciation and recognition and support of the other two state powers towards the Judicial.”

He noted that, with regard to the operation of the Courts, the Government's policy aims to further strengthen, all the factors regarding the smooth and uninterrupted delivery of Justice, with absolute respect for its constitutionally guaranteed independence and autonomy. These include legislative changes and regulations, with the aim of restructuring jurisdictions, simplifying procedures, saving court time, and expediting the administration of justice, mainly at the level of first-instance jurisdiction, he said.

At the same time, the goal is the development and improvement of infrastructure and building facilities, staffing, and technological facilities, he noted. He added that the aim was, before the end of the term of his Government, to have resolved or set in motion the solution to all the housing problems of the Judicial.

Addressing the Judges of the newly established Court of Appeal, President Christodoulides expressed the certainty that they will perform their duties in a way that preserves the strict observance of the Constitution and democratic procedures.

In his own address, the President of the Supreme Court, Antonis Liatsos, said, among other things, that the passing of the Justice Reform Laws by the Parliament was the result of a long and arduous effort that began in 2016 at the initiative of the Supreme Court and was aimed at dealing with delays in processing cases, of civil, mainly, jurisdiction.

The separation of the existing Supreme Court into the Supreme Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court was the first major step as regards the reform Laws, while the establishment of the Court of Appeal, as an appellate court is the second major step, he said. The Court of Appeal, he noted, will be staffed by 16 Judges who, as a whole, did not have the opportunity to exercise appellate jurisdiction at a previous stage nor the experience of organizing and operating such a court, but are well equipped to respond to the heavy task assigned to them, and contribute decisively to the achievement of the main objectives of the reform.

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