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Sirens to wail marking events leading to the Turkish invasion of Cyprus

Sirens will sound at 0820 on the 15th to mark the beginning of the coup and at 0530 on the 20th when Turkish troops landed in Kyrenia

Source: CNA

The sirens will sound across the government-controlled areas of the Republic to mark the dark events of July 15, 1974, when Greek army officers engineered a coup to oust the government in Nicosia leading to the Turkish invasion just five days later, on 20th July.

The Civil Defence announced on Wednesday that the sirens will wail at 0820 on 15 July, the time when the tanks rolled into Nicosia to overthrow the democratically elected late President Makarios III.

On 20th July, the sirens will be heard at 0530 which marks the time when the Turkish troops arrived on the island at the shores of Kyrenia signaling the start of the invasion.

Cyprus has been divided since 1974 when Turkish troops invaded and occupied the island's northern third.

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