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Backlog in court cases will be alleviated in 4 to 5 years

According to the Presidents of the Cyprus Supreme Court and the House of Representatives

Source: CNA

In a period of four to five years and with the implementation of the reform bills passed by the Parliament, the problem of the backlog of cases pending before the Courts will be solved to a significant extent, Supreme Court President, Antonis Liatsos and President of the House of Representatives, Annita Demetriou have said.

The two Presidents had a meeting on Friday at the Supreme Court and in statements to the press, they expressed their readiness for cooperation for the proper implementation of the reform, for the benefit of society and citizens.

In her statements, Demetriou thanked the President of the Supreme Court for the meeting noting that this has been the first official meeting of a House President with the Supreme Court.

"Together we must meet this great challenge, this great modernization that the justice sector needs," she said and noted that the Parliament has already moved forward with legislative and constitutional amendments for all provisions that should be changed. The aim is justice to be granted immediately and effectively, always in full respect of the Constitution and the institutions, she added.

On his part, Liatsos expressed his gratitude for Demetriou's visit, noting that it is a great honor for the Supreme Court and confirmed that this is indeed the first time that a House President has visited the Supreme Court.

This visit, he pointed out, takes place at a crucial period, which marks the beginning of the implementation of what the reform laws provide.

Liatsos expressed his conviction that the Supreme Court will have the support of Parliament in whatever it needs and assured society that Justices will successfully play the difficult role that has been assigned to them.

He also said that both Supreme Court and Parliament will move within the framework of their different roles as defined by the Constitution and noted that visits and dialogue are necessary, the only condition being that the line separating each power is respected.

Asked about the course of implementation of the reform, he said that the reform initially started with the main goal of decreasing the big problem of delayed cases. He finally emphasized that the reform is expected to help and in a period of four to five years things will be much better in terms of case backlog.

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