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Thirty-nine years since the illegal declaration of the pseudo-state

The acrobatic group 'Solo Türk' will perform an air show over Ataturk Square in occupied Kyrenia

Source: CNA

Today marks 39 years since the illegal declaration of the pseudo-state in the occupied territories of the Republic of Cyprus.

Thirty-nine years have passed since Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot leadership illegally declared the occupied territories of the Republic of Cyprus a "state."  A 'state' that has never been recognized by the international community, only by Turkey.

In addition to not recognizing the pseudo-state, the international community called for all UN member states to refrain from doing so in a number of Security Council resolutions that denounced and declared the declaration to be legally invalid.

The UN Security Council adopted resolutions 541 and 550 which "condemns the attempted secession of a portion of the Republic of Cyprus, views this move as illegal, and demands that it be reversed. In addition, it requests that all nations respect the independence, territorial integrity, and unity of the Republic of Cyprus by refusing to recognize it."

Student protests are expected where marches and demonstrations denounce the proclamation of the 'TRNC'. An anti-state demonstration organized by the student and pupil organizations POFEN and PESEM began at 11:00 from the Famagusta Gate and is expected to end  at the Agios Cassianos barricade.

In contrast, a parade in occupied Nicosia was expected to kick off the celebrations in the occupied territories at 10 am. Speaker of the National Assembly Mustafa Sedop will head a parliamentary delegation to represent Turkey at the festivities. Sedop will attend the military parade in occupied Nicosia and meet with the TC leader, Ersin Tatar, as announced in the occupied territories.

At 3 o'clock, the aerial troupe "Solo Türk" will perform a display over Ataturk Square in occupied Kyrenia. The Turkish navy frigates "TCG Gediz (F-495)," "TCG mbat (P-335)," and "TCG anakalle" will also illegally enter the ports that are under occupation. Admiral Erjiumed Tatlioglu, the commander of the Turkish naval forces, is already there.

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