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Tomatoes and potatoes now regarded as luxury items

Retail prices for tomatoes and potatoes have significantly increased

Source: CNA

The Consumer Protection Agency published the retail prices of basic consumer goods on Friday with a reference date of 9/11/2022. The retail prices show significant price increases for potatoes and tomatoes and price decreases for some fish and legumes.

Tomato prices, in particular, have increased, rising from €2.24 on 12/10/2022, when the previous price recording was made, to €3.28 per kilo today. The price of tomatoes has increased by 46.4%, or €1.04. Similar to potatoes, which saw a 22.4% price increase to €1.45 per kilo from €1.19. Prices of field cucumbers increased by 10.8% to €2.72, from €2.46.

Vegetables see the biggest increase in November 2022 compared to September 2021, rising by 65.56%.

Simultaneously, the price of hothouse cucumbers fell 15.8%, or €0.30 to €1.59.

The cheapest 1kg sugar packet has increased by 12.6% to €1.37, while the PDO halloumi of this brand has increased by 9.8%.

Since October, there have been no discernible changes in dairy and sausage.

Prices for pulses, on the other hand, vary widely, ranging from a 16.8% decrease in a specific brand of lentils and a 9.9% decrease in specific beans to a 4.1% increase in a specific brand of chickpeas.

Fish prices have also dropped significantly, with red mullet (barbouni) now costing €20.54 per kilo, down from €23.07 (an 11% decrease), and sea bream costing €8.73 per kilo, a 10.8% decrease.

The Consumer Protection Agency uses September 2021 as the reference month, and the largest increase in November 2022 is seen in vegetables, which are up 65.56%. This is followed by an increase of 35.78% in oils and a 27.30% increase in cheese.

This survey is conducted monthly and includes fixed products as well as optional items. Its goal is to track and draw conclusions from price fluctuations in consumer staples.

It should be noted that because prices vary depending on brand and packaging, the Consumer Protection Service encourages consumers to conduct meaningful market research before making purchases in order to find the products and prices that meet their needs.

The survey's detailed data are available on the Consumer Protection Agency's website,

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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