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Two ministerial commitees established to monitor impact of Ukraine crisis

Legal, economic and political sectors being monitored

Source: CNA

At a meeting chaired by President Nicos Anastasiades today at the Presidential Palace, two ministerial committees were established to monitor the effects of the Ukraine crisis on Cyprus.

According to Government Spokesman Marios Pelecanos, "assessments were made on the impact of the crisis in the legal, economic, and political sectors, as well as other consequences that may arise.  As a result two ministerial committees were established that will focus on monitoring the situation and will have the responsibility to take immediate action where needed."

He continued, "From what was mentioned in the extensive discussion that was held, our country, like all other European countries, will be affected in various sectors of the economy, it was noted however that based on current data the impact on our country is manageable and within the capabilities of the state".

The first ministerial committee, according to Pelekanos, will be comprised of the Ministers of Energy, Transport, Foreign Affairs, Interior, Justice and the Deputy Minister to the President, while the second the Ministers of Energy, Finance, Transport and the Deputy Minister of Shipping".

Asked if there had been any change in the decision to close the airspace, the Government Spokesman said that "we are assessing the possibility of any instrumentalisation by Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot side, which if it happens we reserve our right to review the decision".

Responding to a question on the participation of the Central Bank Governor in the meeting, Pelekanos said that "the Governor provided a briefing regarding the potential impact on the banking sector. Given the current data, there is no reason for any concern."

Replying to a question about the impact of the crisis on tourism, he said that "some measures that could be taken to mitigate the impact of the loss of Russian and Ukrainian tourists were being evaluated."

With regards to the readiness of Cyprus to accept refugees from Ukraine, the Spokesman said that "from the very first moment we have stated that we follow the decisions taken at the European level. And in this case, Cyprus is ready, should the need arise, to host refugees and indeed the Minister of Interior is currently in Brussels where he will consult with his partners on this issue."

Finally, when asked about the utilization of renewable energy sources in Europe in order to achieve energy sufficiency, Pelekanos said that "as far as Cyprus is concerned, there is a plan, we have already come a long way in this issue and I remind you that in the plan "Cyprus - Tomorrow", a very large part of the amount that we are entitled to from the Recovery Fund, a percentage that exceeds 40%, will be dedicated to the goal of transition to a green economy."

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