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Another Turkish Cypriot student found dead in rubble

Under the rubble of the hotel are still 22 students, boys and girls, a teacher, and eight parents

Source: CNA

In the ruins of the Isias Hotel in Adiyaman, Turkey, authorities discovered the lifeless body of another boy from the Turkish Cypriot volleyball team. This is the second member of the school team who has been found dead.

Aside from the two students, the bodies of two teachers who were with the group were discovered last night; one was the assistant principal of the vocational college in occupied Famagusta, and the other was a gymnast.

There are still 22 students, both boys and girls, a teacher, and eight parents under the rubble of the hotel.

The "prime minister's office" did not release the name of the first boy discovered overnight, but his family confirmed it in a social media post. Doruk Akin is 13 years old. His father traveled to Adiyaman and stood by as his son's lifeless body was pulled from the rubble by TC rescue teams. He was given a team jersey with his name on it, and a photo of him was posted on the website of the T/C independent newsgroup (Bamsz Medya Grubu).

The "education minister," Nazim Cavusoglu, stated that the names of the children will not be released until a DNA test is completed.

According to the aforementioned website, the T/C school volleyball team also included a boy, Mehmet Arif Altaq, whose parents, Mustafa and Meriem, were imprisoned for having an expired "residence permit" in the occupied territories. After 6 months in jail, the parents appeared in "court" today and were released so that they could travel to Adiyaman to be present when their son is found.

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