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Cavusoglu: 'TRNC' delegations will be established in two EU member states

We are working hard to establish the 'TRNC' in the international arena, Cavusoglu added

Source: CNA

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that although the pseudo-state has not been recognized, representative offices will now be established in two EU nations. He also added that efforts are being made to recognize the state's  "passports".  The Turkish minister stated regarding Greece that "it does not matter who is supporting it, but who is opposed to it."

A Turkish reporter questioned Cavusoglu at a press conference in Mersin about America's role and said, "We have made efforts for a solution in Cyprus.  However, this process has repeatedly shown that the Greek Cypriots do not want to share anything with the Turkish Cypriots, as seen in Crans Montana in 2017 and the Annan plan in 2004. Even the government and the parliament, not to mention water and electricity, are not things they want to share. You must have heard what the local religious leaders were saying".

"Nevertheless, we are proud and because we are rebuilding Cyprus, the bones of our martyrs will never hurt. Everything we did in Cyprus during the 20 years of [AKP rule] benefited the infrastructure and economy. In Cyprus, we obtained water from Mersin, and right now, we're also focusing on electricity ".

With regards to defense, he said, "Did we ever leave the Turkish Cypriots alone as a guarantor nation? Although there was no diplomatic recognition, new delegation offices will now be established within the EU, hopefully in one or two countries. We have worked hard to establish representation offices across the globe and get the state's passport accepted. And more recently, in his address to the UN General Assembly, our President demanded that the PKK be recognized".

"To establish the 'TRNC' as an international player, we are making significant efforts. The bones of our martyrs do not hurt because of this," the Turkish minister said, using a pertinent phrase that was brought up during the question while referring to the Pseudo-state.

"Of course, we are aware that we have not yet achieved the level of recognition that we desire. However, as patriots, we have always protected and continue to protect Cyprus. Some Cypriot politicians are unhappy about this, but that is their prerogative. I'm referring to the Turkish side because the Greek Cypriot side has long been agitated," said Mevlut Cavusoglu.

He continued by saying "Regardless of what the US Ambassador (Flake) said recently, the US has tipped the balance, no matter how many times they say 'we are not siding with either side'." In other words, the US's equilibrium has been thrown off. They say they have lifted the arms embargo against the Greek Cypriot side for a year. 'Why did you do that?' I inquired of Blinken. His response was that '(Cyprus) collaborated with us in money laundering'."

Mevlut Cavusoglu then asserted "The Greek Cypriot side is one of the most well-known money-laundering hotspots in the world. But do you have to give them weapons in exchange? To whom are you supplying weapons? You give them to the Turks to use against them. What exactly have we done? They made the decision, so we went ahead with additional reinforcements, and we're still going. Do they have a choice? We take a step forward."

The Turkish minister also mentioned Greece, saying "There are some bases located there. When we ask them, they say things like, "We're doing this against Russia, there's a Russian presence in the Eastern Mediterranean," and so on. But what we're saying - and we're saying it for Greece and the Greek Cypriot administration - is that it doesn't matter who's on their side; it matters who's against them. The rest is unimportant as long as Turkey is present."

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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