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Australian expats' generous donation enhances Makarios Hospital's pediatric clinic

Australian Hellenic Medical Charity and Cypriot community of Adelaide contribute €50,000 worth of equipment

Source: CNA

The Australian Hellenic Medical Charity and the Cypriot community of Adelaide donated equipment worth €50,000 for the needs of the pediatric clinic of the Makarios Hospital, during a ceremony that took place on Monday afternoon at the Presidential Palace.

Minister of Health, Popi Kanari, thanked Dr. Andreas Evdokiou, President of the Cypriot community of Adelaide and representative of the Australian Hellenic Medical Charity.

"On behalf of the President of the Republic and our state, I would like to say a big thank you for this donation, because it shows that the Australian community and all ex-pats, wherever they are, are supportive of everything we do, as a state, as Cyprus and their small homeland is always in their hearts and souls", she noted.

Kanari said that the donation would be used for equipment for the pediatric clinic "to add quality to our services".

On his part, Dr. Andreas Evdokiou, President of the Cypriot community of Adelaide said that he feels "really proud that we are given the opportunity for the expatriate Hellenism and the Cypriots of Adelaide to contribute to institutions, to hospitals that need our help."

He explained that the charity organization The Australian Hellenic Medical Charity was founded by renowned people of Greek and Cypriot origin, whose effort is to help institutions and hospitals in the homeland because they hold their Hellenism in their hearts and want to project it.

He also added that as the President of the Cypriot community of Adelaide, which also contributed to this donation, "I am really proud of my own community, that they also contributed to this charity for the Makarios Hospital."

Deputy Government Spokesperson, Doxa Komodromou, said that this initiative from Adelaide in Australia is an honor. "Mr. Evdokiou had this idea and today a new window of friendly cooperation is opening," she said.

Addressing Evdokiou, she said that this act is an example to follow.

Cooperation with Australian expatriates for breast cancer

In the meantime, the Minister of Health proposed to Evdokiou to continue the cooperation in the scientific field as well, since he himself is an oncologist in the field of breast cancer. She pointed out that Cyprus has "excellent scientists who can collaborate with his University, in order to strengthen the field of breast cancer, which we, as Cyprus, have given a lot of emphasis on and very substantial support to all women who deal with this problem through our mammography program."

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