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Significant increase of cannabis users in Cyprus

Data from municipal wastewater analysis showed increased use of cannabis especially during the summer and autumn months

Source: CNA

A 2023 survey by the Cyprus National Addictions Authority has shown a significant increase in the number of cannabis users, while its use of more than one time has doubled.

Meanwhile, the Cyprus National Addictions Authority has announced that data from the 2022 municipal wastewater analysis, showed an increased use of cannabis compared to the previous year, especially during the summer and autumn months.

As regards the use of alcohol, the survey showed an increase in the percentage of people who reached the point of intoxication at least once in their lifetime (46% compared to 40% in 2019).

A significant increase compared to previous years (5.7% in 2023 compared to 4.5% in 2019) was recorded in the percentage of people with alcohol dependence. A finding that has caused concern was the fact that among those who had consumed alcohol in the past six months, 32% said they drove after consuming 3-6 drinks.

The two surveys were presented on Thursday. President of the Cyprus National Addictions Authority, Dr. Christos Minas, said that the general population survey is conducted every three years and this year they questioned 3,500 people aged 15-64. The study analyzed data on smoking, alcohol, tranquilizers, electronic games and drugs. The urban wastewater analysis survey is conducted on an annual basis, with four measurements per year in each district.

Minas said that the use of cannabis, was the most widespread among other illegal substances, with 18% saying that they have used it at least once, compared to 2019 when it stood at 14%.

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