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'The right to quality treatment for all,' says Health Minister

Cyprus' new Health Minister, Popi Kanari, promises to keep quality of healthcare as high as possible

Source: CNA

Newly appointed Minister of Health Popi Kanari has said that if we let the General Healthcare System (GeSY) collapse, then the entire state will collapse, stressing that she is in favour of qualitative and quantitative controls to improve the system.

In statements to the Cyprus News Agency, the new Minister of Health said that although the challenges of the Ministry are many and vital, however, the first issue she will address is the General Healthcare System, noting that she will keep the quality of healthcare "as high as possible".

"Every patient should have equal treatment and equal rights to proper and quality treatment" -Popi Kanari, Cyprus Health Minister

She assured citizens that the necessary actions will be taken to address the problem of overcrowded wards and Emergency Departments in hospitals, adding that she will immediately visit hospitals to examine the problems and understand why complaints from citizens constantly arise.

She said that very soon she will pay visits to hospitals and especially to the Emergency Departments, the pathology clinics, but also the pulmonology department, which are the departments that have the greatest load.

"I will examine the problems, why there are delays, why there are complaints from citizens so that we can immediately resolve the serious issues", she stressed.

The Minister said that she undertook a post that has many complaints, noting however that "where there is a will, we will find a way to resolve them immediately".

Furthermore, she said that it is "unacceptable" that patients who suffer are admitted to hospitals but do not receive the quality care and medical support that one would expect from a European state.

She said that a great effort will be made to solve the "tragic" problems in the health sector adding that measures will be taken to address them.

The new Minister of Health said that time is needed in order to carry out the programme, which the President of the Republic has put before the Council of Ministers, adding that the President has set a timeframe, a move that she applauded.

"I am also in favour of timeframes. We will try within these timeframes to resolve as many issues as we can," she added.

In addition, the new Minister of Health said that she is in favour of controls, noting that when there is no control there is no improvement and no upgrade. She stressed that "if we let the General Healthcare System collapse, then the entire state will collapse".

She pledged to protect the GeSY's philosophy and architecture but noted that she needs the help of the employees for strict and systematic control under European standards.

Every patient, she said, should have equal treatment and equal rights to proper and quality treatment, adding that we must keep the quality of health at a high standard.

Invited to refer to the actions that she will take to improve and upgrade the health system and whether she will propose any changes, Kanari said that she will speak directly with the competent organisations about the changes she has in mind to propose.

She explained that she needs to have their consent to a great extent, "so that we can take steps together, create a good team with a common vision, to walk on the same path, with the same thinking and passion."

Concluding, the new Minister said that she is not afraid of hard work nor of setting high goals.

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