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Young mother killed in horrible car crash

Police point to human factors after pregnant front seat passenger dies in rural Limassol accident


A young mother was killed in a horrible accident on Monday morning, after a car driven by her boyfriend veered off the road and crushed into a retaining wall.

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Police said 18-year-old Katerina Charalambous from Limassol was in the front passenger seat of a car driven by her 21-year-old partner along the Kantou-Kivides Road outside Souni, just after midnight Monday morning around 12:10am.

The young woman was violently ejected from the vehicle and was killed instantly a few metres from the wreckage

According to traffic police, the car was moving southbound along the Kivides-Kantou road when it veered off the road under circumstances pending investigation.

The vehicle skidded into an empty field and rolled over multiple times, before crushing into a front yard retaining wall of a residence, local media reported. 

Additional reports said the young woman was violently ejected from the vehicle and was killed instantly a few metres away from the wreckage.

The driver sustained serious injuries and was rushed to the Emergency Room at Limassol General Hospital where doctors also took a blood sample which was requested ordered by police investigators.

Limassol traffic police director Michalis Michail, who arrived at the scene, said the young man lost control of the steering wheel, pointing to human factors including high speed and not wearing a seat belt.

Charalambous, who was pregnant with her third child, appeared not to have been wearing her seat belt according to local media.

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