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Police warn drivers due to weather

Cypriot police urge drivers to be extra careful, avoid mud in emergency lane on highway


State authorities in Cyprus are warning drivers to be extra careful on the road due to heavy and prolonged showers throughout the island.

According to police, driving conditions in certain areas are being affected by severe weather due to heavy showers.

In Nicosia district, mud was spotted in the emergency lane along the Larnaca-Nicosia highway near Lympia, according to a police statement issued on Thursday morning. In some cases, mud on the road can be very slippery.

Police also urged motorists to be extra cautious, reminding them to slow down, maintain safe distances from vehicles in front of them, and turn on their headlights in wet conditions or low visibility.

A yellow warning went into effect early Thursday morning due to heavy showers and prolonged precipitation. The alert, essentially a flood watch, is expected to last through the afternoon until 4pm.

Car drivers should avoid puddles and standing water that can cause vehicles to hydroplane, especially those not traveling at low speeds.

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